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Danish Horses

Denmark - the land of jumping horses & dressage horses


Denmark's status as a land of jumping horses and dressage horses was emphasized in 1999 when a board of international top-level trainers, riders and judges were gathered to nominate the dressage horse of the century.

The choice fell on the Danish dressage horse Marzog, who won the 1983 European Championships with rider Anne Grethe Törnblad. In 1984 the horse and rider won the Olympic silver medal and in 1986 the World Championship.

And finally, they won the first World Cup ever to be held. Denmark has further demonstrated its success by having Danish horses selected for national teams - both jumping horses and dressage horses - in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, England, Australia, and the United States among others.




Top-level horse breeding



Denmark, the Danes and their horses


Jumping horses

Danish jumping horses are known all over the world


Dressage horses

You will find bloodlines from the best European dressage stallions


Hunter horses

Hunter horses and hunter ponies can be found in Denmark too